Central Station Air Handling Units eCS3 Series

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Product Description

eCS3 Series

Air Volume from 1700 – 21000 m3/h (1000 – 12300 CFM). The eCS3 Series features:

  • 8 Models with nominal air volume from 1000 to 12300 CFM (1700 to 21000 m3/hr)
  • Economical Values with competitive pricing for superior performance, flexibility and reliability
  • Simplified New Structural Design with extruded aluminum frame profile for rigid construction and installation ease
  • Double-Skinned Panel with smooth inner surfaces for easy and effective cleaning to reduce dirt and bacteria accumulation
  • Modular Central Station Construction suitable for both commercial and industrial application
  • Wide Choice of Accessories from mixing box to humidifier to heat recovery wheel to meet various required air conditions application needs